9 to 11 November 2011

Angela Richter

Berghain Boogie Woogie

Österreichische Erstaufführung

Berghain Boogie Woogie presents a microcosm of condensed club life, where partying, discourse, sex, art, blurring the boundaries, and setting boundaries are all celebrated. A fortress in which one overcomes one’s own dialectic parallel world between a loop of the same old, same old and progress, between subversion’s awakening and the end of club culture. Berghain Boogie Woogie shows that the idea of ‘club’ must constantly be invented anew, is open to every means of escape, away from definition, faces far from sober guests from a wide variety of different scenes, and remains calm in the face of excessive overload. Four people, one drug, one placebo, in a different combination every evening. The experimental set-up follows its own atmospheric cycle, changes erratically, from a pleasant groove of autistic-foggy-blunt cheerfulness, through to the icy cold of a penetrating analysis, on to the hysterical-indignant restlessness of inspiration in a cycle that keeps on starting over and over again.

Director, staging, costumes Angela Richter Dramaturgy Jens Dietrich Staging Melanie Kretschmann Music Kristof Schreuf Video Thomas Helm Performance Angela Richter, Melanie Kretschmann, Kristof Schreuf, Yuri Englert, Thomas Helm Assistant to the director Alexandra Lauck Production management Marta Hewelt Artistic co-operation Daniel Richter, RP Kahl, Julia Malik, Peter Udovicic Make-up Katharina Thieme

A co-production of HAU – Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin and Angela Richter. Sponsored by the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs.

Tickets €14/8/6* with the brutkarte
Ticket also valid for The Gap Release 121/Concert with Kristof Schreuf on 11 November 2011

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