11 November 2011

The Gap Release 121

Glamour und Diskurs: Kristof Schreuf live & DJ Melissa Logan (Chicks on Speed)

After Angela Richter’s Berghain Boogie Woogie opens the evening with a microcosm of art, sex, drugs, and club life, The Gap will be taking it from there to further promote the glamour and discourse. A new pearl of a magazine is being celebrated, and, as always, they gladly accept insults for unjust, and praise for justly damning reviews.
Guests can look forward to a concert by Kristof Schreuf who delivered the contorted psychedelic soundtrack to Richter’s production. The former singer for Kolossale Jugend, who has been touring with his own band Brüllen for several years now, loves expanding his audiences’ horizons about what constitutes a concert. He uses his voice’s raspy mellifluousness to best effect on the old rock and disco cover versions of his first solo album Bourgeois With Guitar. The texts are industriously transplanted, wrapped in their own melodies, and in the end the old songs drown in the new, which makes them all the more gorgeous. Afterwards Melissa Logan from the performance-queens of Chicks on Speed will present a Live-DJ-Set-Happening + Visuals with a lot of "power of pussy".

Live Kristof Schreuf, Melissa Logan (Chicks on Speed)
DJs Moogle, Kid Soylent

Admission €5/free for Berghain Boogie Woogie ticket holders

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