6 and 7 May 2014

International Village Shop

Österreichische Erstaufführung

The International Village Shop is a concept dedicated to trading and producing goods within and from rural regions. The network of shops includes both temporary as well as permanent locations that can be found both in villages and in urban art spaces. Whether it is market stalls, trading tables or “honesty boxes”, there is no limit on the design of the individual shops. The mix of goods in the shop ranges from local products such as “Horsemilk Soap” from Friesland in the Netherlands to “Frogbutterspoons” from the German region of Upper Franconia. Behind each of these “New Village Goods” are numerous stories about their conception and production, which the artists’ collective brings to brut. After a lecture performance the audience can purchase goods with genuine added value in the one-hour shop set up in the brut bar. is an international artists’ collective founded in 2003 by Kathrin Böhm, Wapke Feenstra and Antje Schiffers. The collective’s main interest is the rural area as a place and object of art

Following the performance on 7 May there will be a discussion with these artists: Die Rabtaldirndln, Simon Mayer, Antje Schiffers/ and Doris Uhlich.

By and with Antje Schiffers Assistance Thomas Sprenger

€ 14,- full price
€ 8,- reduced
€ 6,- with the brutkarte*

Tickets also valid for Verfassung

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