4 and 5 December 2013

Ivana Müller


A ten-member ensemble develops a model of a “common body” in a series of playful and dynamic choreographies. Looking for common features defining a community as such, the performers encounter difficulties that are well known from contemporary democracy discussions. The stage, which imposes the same language and the same rules onto everybody involved, almost forces the negotiation of demographic and social themes. As director, Ivana Müller knows well how to make use of this standardised point of departure. With a smart dramaturgical concept in demoscopically designed settings and fast-paced dialogues, she asks questions such as “What do we represent and how are we represented?”
While the ten actors courageously try to balance themselves and their bodies, IN COMMON turns out to be a relevant contribution to sociopolitical discussions.
Ivana Müller’s performances, installations and video lectures are characterised by their mixture of conceptual approach, witty realisation and clear visual language. In her works, with which she has toured the world and that have been awarded numerous prizes, she addresses social processes, the role of the collective body, the places of the imaginary and the relationship between actors and viewers. She was most recently a guest at brut in 2011 with 60 Minutes of Opportunism.

Audience discussion on 5 December following the performance.

Concept, choreography and director Ivana Müller Performance Sarah van Lamsweerde, Pere Faura, Karen Røise Kielland, Katja Dreyer, Nuno Lucas, Stephen Liebman, Daniel Almgren Recén, Clara Amaral, Setareh Fatehiirani, Bas Jilesen Artistic and textual consultation Bill Aitchison Consultation Jonas Rutgeerts Sound Viljam Nybacka Costumes Liza Witte Light and technical management Martin Kaffarnik Production/Management Chloé Schmidt – I’M’ Company

IN COMMON has been produced in cooperation with Encountersproject (Frascati, Amsterdam 2012).
With the kind support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, SNS Reaal Fonds,
apap – advancingperformingartsproject and the European Union.
is presented as part of the project House on Fire, with the kind support of the Cultural Programme of the European Union.

€ 14/€ 8/€ 6 with the brutkarte*

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