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 2014 / 2015 
 Wiener Festwochen 2015
 imagetanz 2015 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and uncanny Bodies
 Secret Ingredients
 2014 / 2015 
 Freischwimmer 2014 - INTIM
 2013 / 2014 
 Everything must go! 2014
 Village People
 imagetanz 2014 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Care
 Nachhaltig scheitern
Nachhaltig scheitern

Sustainable development has been the catchphrase of the past decades, so it might be high time for a change of perspective... How about sustainable failure? Let's see where we might end up, if we embrace failure not only in artistic practice, but also in socio-political and economic discourses. Failure need no longer be a taboo and it can be much more than a faux pas on the road to success. In November and December brut’s key topic Sustainable Failure considers the potential of failure as an active strategy and possible form of self- and societal critique. Resisting the drive to succeed and to "perform" in the art field, as well as in a broader societal context, not only enables us to question our privileged (successful, well-performing) position, but also to deconstruct the rules and norms that define the subjective poles of success and failure. Failing in this sense can create space for something else, perhaps for something new.
With Normarena Jan Machacek tackles the challenges of performing critical whiteness on stage and questions how a privileged position - and the norms that enable us to perceive it as such - can be criticized from the inside. In The year I was born Lola Arias reconstructs the turbulent history of Chile at the time of military dictatorship and explores how children cope with the roles that their parents played in complicity or in opposition to the regime and what it means for both generations to strive for - and often fail at - achieving social change. In their piece Western Society Gob Squad attempts to polish off the discrete charm of Western Society and accomplishes its critique by failing miserably... With humor and irony Ivana Müller’s IN COMMON addresses prevailing European political rhetorics that insist on what we have in common, and plays a game of winners and losers, where very quickly minority and majority is formed and positions collide on one another to reveal the differences and tensions in contemporary societies. Bernadette Anzengruber parachutes us into a speculative future scenario in DICK: after the victory of The Nuclear Feminists the new social order outlaws heteronormativity, the dominant discourse of former times. In an underground club founded in resistance to this turn of events, we meet Dick, the host of the evening, whose character unravels before our very eyes during the performance. Before 2013 comes to an end, brut rolls out the red carpet for Martin Schick and Damir Todorovic, who are here to celebrate the last days of luxury with their work HOLIDAY ON STAGE. They deal a critical blow to our desire and drive for success and raise awareness of the responsibility that Western society's privileged position implies vis-á-vis the rest of the world. In addition to the performances, to help ease our uneasiness towards accepting, or even attempting failure, brut has put together Crash Course Failure, a theme day of lectures, discussions, film screenings and performances.

 Programme  6 November to 31 December 2013 
Jan Machacek
Lola Arias
In spanischer Sprache mit deutschen und englischen Übertiteln
Schnellkurs Scheitern
Ivana Müller
Bernadette Anzengruber
Martin Schick/Damir Todorović
 The Power of Voice
 2012 / 2013 
 Everything must go! 2013
 A Ballet Trilogy by Doris Uhlich
 imagetanz 2013
 Don't look back
 Out of Order
 Freischwimmer 2012 • Exploit yourself!
 Freedom of Speech
 2011 / 2012 
 Everything must go! 2012
 Community works!
 imagetanz 2012 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Work
 Alles Uhlich!
 Baltic Games
 Video gehört auf jede Bühne!

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