Künstlerhaus: 13.05 17:00,

Grande Grill Finale


The very last night of brut’s first eight years is a last chance to grill the night away, but it is also a lot more: The Künstlerhaus is turned inside out once again to do one thing in particular, celebrate! From the basement to the offices and up to the hallowed halls of the backstage area, artists and friends of brut will once more give their best to create an unforgettable evening for everyone involved. 

THE EIGHT YEAR ITCH  | 4 to 8 pm in the public space
With their performance THE EIGHT YEAR ITCH (DAS VERFLIXTE 8. JAHR), FOURDUMMIES declare the public space around brut the site of the un/forgotten moment. Equipped with camera, curly tongs, a wind machine and their clothes rail on wheels, they arrange and realise spontaneous mise-en-scènes in photographic form with the guests of SO FAR SO BRUT, allowing them to hold on to a piece of brut forever. Registration for the photo shoot is open from May 11th onwards every day from 11 am to 6 pm, please call 0680 23 25 709. One session is approximately 30 minutes. 4-5 persons per session can register.
Andrea Maurer (Vienna)
Office of Farewell Matters | 5 to 10 pm
At the Office of Farewell Matters, the audience has a chance to say “Good-bye”, quite literally, several times. At the same time, saying “Hello” should not be missed out on either. So, aside of the farewell matters one is equally invited to a welcome drink at the office bar, while amidst all the hello and good-bye objects, two friendly office clerks have their say as well. Arrivederci! Farewell to you! See you soon!
onemorequestion/Joonas Lahtinen u.a. (Vienna/Helsinki) 
What’s Your Take on brut? | 6 to 10 pm
The most private spaces of brut – the toilets – are occupied by the installation What’s Your Take on brut? by Finnish artist Joonas Lahtinen, who most recently proved his talent for surreal spatial settings at the bunker underneath St. Ursula’s Church. In a questionnaire on “How to handle death well”, the word “death” is replaced by “brut” – resulting in highly emotional statements on Vienna’s most beautiful performance venue.
notfoundyet/Laia Fabre & Thomas Kasebacher (Vienna)
Alles muss raus! | 6 pm
As a centrepiece of the evening, Laia Fabre & Thomas Kasebacher aka notfoundyet put pieces of art and junk from eight years of brut up for auction. Everything that is not nailed down goes under the hammer, so everyone can secure their very own souvenir to commemorate past times: from the brut logo above the balcony to office furniture and legendary brut mementos shrouded in myths.
Theater im Bahnhof (Graz)  
Today’s Guest | on-going from 6 pm 
At the general manager’s office, Graz-based Theater im Bahnhof presents their interview format Today’s Guest, in which various celebrities are questioned. While the interviews are conducted in the intimate setting of the small office, the audience can eavesdrop on the conversation via live stream in the foyer.
Guests Genia Enzelberger (Kuratorium Theatre, Dance and Performance), Andreas Mailath-Pokorny (City Council for Culture and Science), Robert Misik (Journalist and author), Rania Moslam (Music curator BRUTTO, music event manager, photographer and brut bar organizer), Richard Schweitzer (General manager brut), Barbara Ungepflegt (artist), Tomas Zierhofer-Kin (Artistic Direction donaufestival, from 2016 Artistic Direction Wiener Festwochen)
Julius Deutschbauer/Ruth Głowacki/Arno Rußegger (Vienna) 

Farewell with Swoon | 7 pm 
Julius Deutschbauer, Ruth Głowacki and Arno Rußegger present Farewell with Swoon in the foyer. With a text written specially for the grand finale, their performance not only includes farewells, but also drinking champagne and toasting (or doesn’t it?).
Frans Poelstra (Vienna)
so, so, so, solo | 7.30 to 10 pm 
Hidden in the basement, Frans Poelstra embarks on a three-hour musical trip in a one-to-one performance, taking on the task of flooding brut with energy from the floorboards to the rafters one last time. Of course, the one-man garage band has no qualms about too much pathos, nostalgia, sentiment or weirdness, because sometimes you have to push boundaries when saying good-bye. For him, this parting means the beginning of his career as a solo musician and, well, he knows you have to start at the very bottom to get to the very top one day.
Michikazu Matsune (Vienna)
Goodbye | 8 pm
Michikazu Matsune, who is known for balancing his work on the fine line between performance and visual art, also contributes his share to the farewell evening. He reads random farewell letters that he found on the Internet and adapted for his show. Partly happy, partly sad, it is now time to say Goodbye and aim for new horizons. 
Robert Steijn/Gabriela Hiti (Vienna/Graz) 
This could not be written by a woman | 9 pm
This could not be written by a woman is the recital of a man’s thoughts and an attempt to get in touch with the world we are confronted with all the time via the news and the media. Full of courage and energy, this speech crisscrosses between the facial hair of a hipster and a jihadist’s beard or a captain on a boat from Lampedusa. The question that thereby arises is how a person can manage to be at the same time angry with the world and content with him- or herself and, more importantly, how a performer is to deal with this predicament.
Anat Stainberg (Vienna)
Self-character-act | 10 pm
“Good evening, my name is Amy Cady (I’m a real person!) and I’m delighted to be here today, this is my fifth time in Austria. And I’m going to try, again, to liberate some of your cultural behaviour tendencies from their tyranny …” Amy Cady
In the foyer, Anat Stainberg presents her favourite character Amy Cady in a brief monologue. She talks about representation, body language, power games and how best to say farewell or, better yet, how to kill your darlings.
SV DAMENKRAFT/Gustav/Sissy Boy Tomka (Vienna) 
Orlanding the Dominant | 10.30 pm
A major highlight of the evening, especially for long-time brutsters, is the revival of SV Damenkraft, Gustav and Sissy Boy Tomka in their original constellation with musical extracts from the performance Orlanding the Dominant. As one of the first works at brut with a queer focus, this musical-theatrical burlesque not only turned out to be the first big hit of the brut era, but also paved the way for the following years of artistic and performative gender/queer discourse. The re-union is absolutely one-off and includes the performance of selected songs from this legendary production.
Gnankn (Vienna)
Concert | midnight
The night’s finale is formed by the dew-fresh and incredible musical project Gnankn. The duo consisting of Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi) and Ralf Tronstoner (Nitro Mahalia) debuted on occasion of the 15 years at brut. The rookies capture their audience’s imagination by „Polyrhythmic Live Techno“ and seductive sounds. Cut the rug!

The performance programme culminates in a soon to be legendary farewell party. Let’s dance, let’s drink, let’s kiss, let’s celebrate. Let it be too brut to be true …

DJs J’aime Julien & Liza Levitas (Main Floor), Knwohwo & A++, Homme Noir & Holzfella, sissyboy & Vina Yun (Bar)

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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