Foyer / Bar im Künstlerhaus: 11.05 21:00,

brut Class of 2007-2015

The new artistic director from autumn of 2015 onwards will launch a new era for the brut team as well. Not unlike when moving to a new city, some of them are probably considering entirely re-inventing their role at the new brut and shedding embarrassing quirks and habits. Be that as it may, on May 11th there shall be no talk of self-improvement and discipline! All current and former brut team members will present themselves on their worst behaviour. At a big brutista cross-dress party reunion, everybody dresses up as their favourite brut alter ego. Oh yes, it’s time to swap clothes and roles! The party goes public from 9 pm, the dressed-up brut mob will give the audience deep insights into brut-ish abysses. Inspired by the motto: “I want to break free!” the evening will culminate in a legendary playback show featuring Sturzhelm Binder and gesterngirl, who celebrate eight years of brut by specialising in goodbye, heartbreak, fuck-off and liberation songs.

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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