21 June 2013

Alles muss raus!

Sabine Marte - Hotel Totale


Hotel Totale is a machine of cinematic language in the form of a triple projection. Hotel Totale is a scenario that goes for a drive, has an accident and continues driving along a story with abstract characters. Hotel Totale is a property with an uncanny life of its own.” Sabine Marte

A group of travellers arrives in the Hotel Totale after a turbulent journey. The hotel is alive and is pleased to receive the guests. An actress, a permanent guest, lives in the Hotel Totale and has a strangely close relationship to the hotel. The guests turn out to be extremely precarious figures who move from one extreme situation to the next. The hotel increasingly comes to like them. In order to keep them there longer, the hotel decides to continually sink the room prices. Which wins some time. And then the hotel suddenly begins accepting an endless number of guests. Sabine Marte – in keeping with the style of her work in the areas of video, performance and music, reflects upon the media used and develops unusual narrative techniques – references Hilbert’s Hotelin this multimedia performance: a thought experiment by mathematician David Hilbert which illustrates the infinity of numbers. Have a pleasant stay at the Hotel Totale!

Idea and conception Sabine Marte Direction Sabine Marte, Andrea Salzmann Performance Sabine Marte, Susanne Schuda, Caroline Peters (on video) Text Sabine Marte Dramaturgy Rosemarie Poiarkov Video Sabine Marte, Oliver Stotz Music and composition Sabine Marte, Peter Szely, Markus Marte Music quotation Milva Sound direction and live sound Peter Szely Sound Christina Bauer Lighting Andrea Salzmann, Andreas Schwarzbauer Costumes Markus Hausleitner Make-up Andreas Riegler Photography Hertha Hurnaus, Andrea Salzmann Video design Greenbox Georg Eckmayr Sound Greenbox Viktoria Kaser, Nikolaus Eckhard Video programming and mastering Oliver Stotz Sound mastering Oliver Stotz Production management Nicole Schuchardt

A co-production of Bonanza/Sabine Marte, brut Wien and the donaufestival.
With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs and of the Austrian State of Vorarlberg. Special thanks to Jan Machacek.

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