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 2014 / 2015 
 Wiener Festwochen 2015
 imagetanz 2015 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and uncanny Bodies
 Secret Ingredients
 2014 / 2015 
 Freischwimmer 2014 - INTIM
 2013 / 2014 
 Everything must go! 2014
 Village People
 imagetanz 2014 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Care
 Nachhaltig scheitern
 The Power of Voice
 2012 / 2013 
 Everything must go! 2013
Alles muss raus! 2013

A showcase by brut, DSCHUNGEL and Schauspielhaus

Just in time for the end of the season, brut is having its fifth big clearance saleunder the slogan Alles muss raus!. Several highlights of the past season are being offered at sensational special prices. The festival is loved by both local crowds and international guests alike and offers the last chance to again enjoy dance and performance to the fullestbefore the summer break! It is an important platform for curators, producers, journalists and guests from around the world to get to know young artists and bring them out into the world.

 Programme  19 to 22 June 2013 
Alles muss raus!
Alles muss raus!
20 Uhr Abfahrt Bus-Shuttle, Vorplatz brut im Künstlerhaus • 21 Uhr Beginn, Jubiläumswarte
 A Ballet Trilogy by Doris Uhlich
 imagetanz 2013
 Don't look back
 Out of Order
 Freischwimmer 2012 • Exploit yourself!
 Freedom of Speech
 2011 / 2012 
 Everything must go! 2012
 Community works!
 imagetanz 2012 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Work
 Alles Uhlich!
 Baltic Games
 Video gehört auf jede Bühne!

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