16 to 22 April 2012


tat ort

Collective Works

Erste Bauphase

After the big success of the balcony’s extension by a multifunctional staircase in summer 2009, brut will again be conquering a slice of the public space this year. Starting on 16 April the Viennese collective tat ort (Berlinger, Fiel) will be working on connecting brut with its urban surroundings. Working with students taking Polytechnical courses and at professional schools, tat ort will be erecting a free-standing wooden platform connected only by a footbridge to the balcony in the house’s first storey in front of the entrance to the venue on Karlsplatz. It will be used as an island-like exterior space on Karlsplatz to present various artistic formats including readings, performances, and concerts. Under the motto Collective Works the students are invited to participate in the programme and not just co-operate in the concrete design of the object. Thus this temporary stage will become a place for social and cultural exchange with Vienna’s population.

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