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 Wiener Festwochen 2015
 imagetanz 2015 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and uncanny Bodies
 Secret Ingredients
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 Freischwimmer 2014 - INTIM
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 Everything must go! 2014
 Village People
 imagetanz 2014 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Care
 Nachhaltig scheitern
 The Power of Voice
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 Everything must go! 2013
 A Ballet Trilogy by Doris Uhlich
 imagetanz 2013
 Don't look back
 Out of Order
 Freischwimmer 2012 • Exploit yourself!
 Freedom of Speech
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 Everything must go! 2012
 Community works!
Community works!

With the equivocal thematic priority Community works! brut wants to show over the coming weeks that community can work and – in the best case – can also function. Theatres are under increasing pressure to justify themselves and must attract new audiences and partners beyond established structures, not least to push forward their own “diversity”. Since its outset, brut has considered itself as an integrative house and works for good reason on an international and cross-border level. Yet with thematic priorities such as Community works! brut continues to look at its immediate neighbours and local communities. This is made possible through site-specific and participatory projects, and in close cooperation with communities such as Vienna’s queer scene with which brut develops a large part of its programme. Thus: Community works!  But staying on the ball and establishing new relationships are called for.

To kick off the thematic priority, the internationally acclaimed artist Nadia Ross and her STO Union company will present their work. Ross, who has withdrawn from the centre to the periphery, allows herself to test new forms of cooperation in the secure space of the small community of Wakefield, moving beyond artistic self-exploitation and in a direct, immediate work process with the locals. It is the common effort on the representation of the contents that is foregrounded, instead of the final artistic result. STO Union will be presenting two projects which have developed under these prerequisites: their new piece Intimacy with a Thousand Things will be continued in Vienna and is being presented as a work-in-progress. In addition, in cooperation with people living in the Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa, STO Union has produced a very personal evening about experiences of limits and, at the same time, presents a portrait of this special Viennese social housing project. God’s Entertainment collective, based in Vienna, also continues its work with communities this year, showing the development of their play MESSER-MORD: KLINGE STECKTE NOCH IN DER BRUST (NACH BÜCHNER’S “WOYZECK”) [MURDER BY KNIFE: BLADE STILL STUCK IN THE CHEST (BASED ON BÜCHNER’S “WOYZECK”)] from Berlin, which they elaborate together with ex-convicts from Berlin and Vienna. Beyond purely documentary theatre, collages of the lives of ex-convicts – moving from the crime, through imprisonment, and onto resocialization – come into being over the course of the evening. Working with students of Polytechnical courses and professional schools, the tat ort collective, on the other hand, is planning an architectural-artistic intervention with which brut will quite literally be opening up the city and the Karlsplatz over the summer.
Oleg Soulimenko
will be introducing Made in Austria in the rotating Donauturm [Danube Tower] in May in cooperation with the Wiener Festwochen: the performance includes people from various countries and with different cultural backgrounds who have “made it” in Austria. It is a commentary beyond the problematisation of marginal social groups that shows where the new so-called “middle of society” is located.

 imagetanz 2012 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Work
 Alles Uhlich!
 Baltic Games
 Video gehört auf jede Bühne!

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