Konzerthaus: 12.05 22:00,

Performance Extravaganza #2

God´s Entertainment

God’s Entertainment (Vienna) • 
Abschied von gestern, Copyright Kluge – A Performical

What Alexander Kluge can do, God’s Entertainment could always do. In the tradition of reality montage, God’s Entertainment recall their own history, which started in the basement of the Konzerthaus, and reference it with nothing less than the big picture of everything: eight years of brut, theatre history and the gods. Their reflections of montaged quotes, résumés and emotions unfold, playing with the spectators’ powers of perception. As brut im Konzerthaus will soon cease to be, its history as a glittery underworld of the Vienna Konzerthaus ends here. “What separates us from yesterday is not a rift but a change in position”, says Reinhard Baumgart.

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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