13 December 2013

Bernadette Anzengruber



In DICK, brut im Konzerthaus mutates into the illegal dosshouse, The Club, where a dazzling, bizarre society meets for routine, nighttime excesses every evening. In this fictive scenario created by Bernadette Anzengruber, The Nuclear Feminists, a radical political group, have seized power and have toppled the familiar social order. The Club is one of the few places of resistance where the values of the dominant system are disregarded and the “old world”, including heteronormativity, persists in new forms. The illegal club is known to many only by way of rumours since Dick, the sleazy club manager, only allows a selected clientele access to his sanctuary. He doesn’t shy away from putting on a narcistic show for his audience, an audience that detests and admires him in equal measure.
DICK is the character study of the eponymous club operator and examines and deconstructs him in a merciless close-up. The performance is a pilot project and offers an insight into the larger work on the nightlife abyss which Bernadette Anzengruber will show in 2014 as the first production of her own in brut. Back in 2009 the artist was already a guest in brut with the collective SWANHOTEL.
After studying in Vienna and London, Bernadette Anzengruber works especially in the fields of performance, video, installation and text. Her works have been shown at exhibitions and festivals in numerous countries. Awards she has won include the Birgit Jürgenssen Prize and the Organizers Award of the International Video Festival Bochum.

Audience discussion following the performance.

Concept and director Bernadette Anzengruber Dramaturgy Katharina Aigner Performance Nora Jacobs, Nicole Sabella Song Le Toy (Florian Lang and Daniela Riedl) Makeup and styling Andreas Riegler

A co-production of Bernadette Anzengruber and brut Wien.

€ 6/admission free with the brutkarte*

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