Künstlerhaus: 12.05 19:00,

Performance Extravaganza #2

mit J. Lahtinen, A. Maurer, mermaid & seafruit, Die Rabtaldirndln, O. Soulimenko/J. Hoffer, united sorry/TiB

The night before the grande brut finale will delve into parting and separating, bringing to the stage a number of brut artists, who will tackle the end of the first brut era in performative acts full of humour and emotion.

Andrea Maurer (Vienna)  
Office of Farewell Matters | 6 to 10 pm
At the Office of Farewell Matters, the audience has a chance to say “Good-bye”, quite literally, several times. At the same time, saying “Hello” should not be missed out on either. So, aside from the farewell matters, everyone is also invited to a welcome drink at the office bar, while amidst all the hello and good-bye objects, two friendly office clerks have their say as well. Arrivederci! Farewell to you! See you soon!
onemorequestion/Joonas Lahtinen and others (Vienna/Helsinki) 
What’s Your Take on brut? | 6 to 10 pm
The most private spaces of brut – the toilets – are occupied by the installation What’s Your Take on brut? by Finnish artist Joonas Lahtinen, who most recently proved his talent for surreal spatial settings at the bunker underneath St. Ursula’s Church. In a questionnaire on “How to handle death well”, the word “death” is replaced by “brut” – resulting in highly emotional statements on Vienna’s most beautiful performance venue.
Oleg Soulimenko/Jasmin Hoffer (Vienna)  
Baby | 7 pm
Fresh parents and brut artists Oleg Soulimenko and Jasmin Hoffer celebrate the magic of new beginnings in their lo-fi rock opera Baby. Full of pathos and subversive irony, they perform songs about the joy of having children. Bonus track: a song about the birth of brut and its life so far.
Die Rabtaldirndln (Graz)  
À travers le Rabtal sauvage | 8 pm
For SO FAR SO BRUT, the Rabtaldirndln show a rough, feminist-inspired rite from the savage Rabtal, which they recently presented at the Paris Théâtre de la Ville in order to promote the understanding among nations – Rabtal goes international! 
united sorry/Theater im Bahnhof (Vienna/Graz)
No, nothing | 8.30 pm
What could be more fitting for saying good-bye than a therapeutic confrontation with the Grim Reaper – in the form of performer Frans Poelstra wearing a punky Motörhead outfit. In the concert performance No, nothing, united sorry & Theater im Bahnhof tackle the difficult issue of having to say good-bye affectionately and with a twinkle in their eye.
mermaid & seafruit (Vienna)
Performance TOD (Temple Of Deliverance)| 9.30 pm
“The powers are broken. Connect with us today through the sound of hope, healing and restoration. Rejoice and shout, rave and spit. Receive inspirational messages, service updates, giving opportunities, and much more. Click here to sign up.” mermaid & seafruit are performer and singer Magdalena Chowaniec and musician IDKLANG. 
brut im Konzerthaus | 10 pm 
God’s Entertainment (Vienna) • 
Abschied von gestern, Copyright Kluge – A Performical
What Alexander Kluge can do, God’s Entertainment could always do. In the tradition of reality montage, God’s Entertainment recall their own history, which started in the basement of the Konzerthaus, and reference it with nothing less than the big picture of everything: eight years of brut, theatre history and the gods. Their reflections of montaged quotes, résumés and emotions unfold, playing with the spectators’ powers of perception. As brut im Konzerthaus will soon cease to be, its history as a glittery underworld of the Vienna Konzerthaus ends here. “What separates us from yesterday is not a rift but a change in position”, says Reinhard Baumgart.

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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