Foyer / Bar im Künstlerhaus: 10.05 17:00,

Fast Forward


The Sunday of SO FAR SO BRUT heralds relaxation and refreshment for the last days of the final countdown. brut invites guests to a one-of-a-kind video night in the bar, showing rare footage from eight years of turbulent, quirky, subversive, funny and radical performance madness. This is a way to celebrate and look back on productions that can no longer be shown live, but have defined brut. Featured shows include the cleaning-lady classic The Merry Widow by Cezary Tomaszewski from 2010 and the film version of Zachary Oberzan’s Your Brother. Remember? from 2011. Ex-actor, lo-fi keyboarder and friend of brut, Matthias Lenz, will act as the host, exercising absolute authority over the remote control and recite the best reviews, hymns of praise and uncompromising performance bashing. Appropriate junk food will be served – so just lean back, relax and enjoy.

Featuring Zachary Oberzan: Your Brother. Remember?, Rabtaldirndln: AUFPLATZEN, Oleg Soulimenko: Made in Austria, Cezary Tomaszewski: The Merry Widow, Doris Uhlich: and

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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