14 February 2012

Judith Staudinger

Der Erwartung zuwidertanzen – Fünf Jahre Kunst in X-Large

Making something great from supposedly simple moments is the art that Doris Uhlich so masterfully commands. Five years of momentous works between dance and performance animate to attempt an overview. There are the older persons on stage, the confrontation with the en pointe of classical ballet, reflections about audience expectations, a grand solo, and a fantastic piece about mom. The mesh that interconnects these works of the past years is as strong as the variety of approaches the artist takes is diverse. Judith Staudinger, who participated in several of the pieces as dramaturgical advisor and critically observed others, will draw these lines of connection in her lecture. Staudinger asks what happened to the amateurs who participated in Uhlich’s works, wherein the secret of choreographer’s unconventional beauty lies, what is going on with the hierarchical system of dancers’ bodies, and how Uhlich succeeds in so passionately breaking through this corset. She searches for the reasons as to why the strongest moments are often highly explicit and, at the same time, can also be densely metaphoric, and why the audience is so moved by Uhlich’s questioning of concepts like age, beauty, and discipline.

Lecture by Judith Staudinger

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