Externe Spielstätte: 13.03 16:00, 14.03 14:00, 15.03 14:00, 16.03 16:00, 17.03 16:00,

Treffpunkt: Mobiles Stadtlabor der TU im Resselpark

Núria Güell

Organized Disintegration

13. bis 21. März | an Wochentagen 16 bis 20 Uhr, an Wochenenden 14 bis 20 Uhr
Organized Disintegration is a seemingly innocent game of hide-and-seek which deals with the living and working conditions of asylum seekers in Austria. Five people – among them asylum seekers and members of the Vienna Refugee Protest movement – invite passers-by in Resselpark to play hide-and-seek with them. The roles are clearly defined: the audience is always the one who seeks and the participants are the ones who hide. In an ambiguous, but at the same time playful way, Organized Disintegration reveals unequal power balances and investigates how the Austrian asylum law favours a practice of seclusion, persecution and criminalisation as well as institutionalised racism. To avoid racial profiling and deportation and to be able to work, many asylum seekers have to hide and develop strategies of invisibility. 
Together with brut the Catalonian artist Núria Güell examined the legal conditions of accessing the labor market in Austria and searched for ways to work with the collaborators of Organized Disintegration legally. During the game the City Lab in Resselpark will be meeting point for talks and exchange, where the consequences of the de-facto ban from working and the struggle for asylum seekers’ rights in Austria in recent years will be visualised and discussed.
In her works of art, Núria Güell tackles the boundaries of legality and uncovers abuse of power by questioning established power balances. In the past years Núria Güell has been addressing immigration and asylum laws in Europe. Organized Disintegration is part of a series of interventions that Núria Güell most recently realized at the Göteborg Biennale in Sweden, under the title Too Much Melanin.

Opening hours of the game and Stadtlabor: from 13 till 21 March, 4-8 pm on weekdays and 2-8 pm on weekends.

On Saturday 14 March from 5 to 7 pm a discussion about the living and working conditions of asylum-seekers in Austria will take place at the Mobile City Lab in Resselpark. In English and German language.
With Alexander Pollak (SOS Mitmensch), Anny Knapp (Asylkoordination), Amine (collaborator Organized Disintegration/activist, Refugee Protest Camp), Núria Güell (artist) a. o. Moderation Katalin Erdödi (curator imagetanz)

Video vom Projekt Too Much Melanin bei der Göteburg Biennale in Schweden.

A co-production by Núria Güell and imagetanz/brut Wien in co-operation with future.lab. 

Admission free!

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