Künstlerhaus: 8.05 19:00,

Viva Collectiva

10 Jahre Atzgerei mit Fearleaders Vienna, MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle & Subchor

Exhibition opening: 10 years of Atzgerei | 7 pm
Fearleaders/MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle/Subchor | 9 pm
Party hosted by Atzgerei | 10 pm

The third night of the SO FAR SO BRUT marathon is entirely dedicated to music, art and performance collectives. The graphic designers of Atzgerei, who were essential in coining brut’s public image and feel in the public, flood the foyer and bar of brut im Künstlerhaus with a best-of exhibition of brut posters and programmes while celebrating the tenth anniversary of Atzgerei.  At their famed “pirates’ bar”, the audience has the chance to clink glasses with the “Atzes” and have their personal Atzgerei tattoo drawn. Atzgerei is also in charge of hosting the party later in the evening. Other collectives, in which members of the brut team spend their leisure time, are also part of the programme. The Vienna Fearleaders – the Vienna Rollerderby team’s lascivious group of cheerleaders – enthralls with tight panties, hazardous stunts and ironic pin-up. Here’s what the Vienna police has to say about them: “Kind of fruity … but funny!” The Fearleaders enrich the brut finale with top-of-the-notch acrobatic acts, in which spring fever, gender stereotypes and suspenders are vigorously re-visited and re-mixed. The MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle and Subchor will provide powerful vocal and instrumental support. Both formations have devoted themselves to the goal of once and for all busting the trauma of traditional brass music and pious choir singing. In a manner well-known and loved and at an ear-piercing volume, the MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle interprets worker’s songs and techno cover versions. Meanwhile, Subchor – enthusiastically praised by FM4 radio as an “interesting hobby choir” – works their way through iconic film tunes, David Bowie classics and 90’s Eurodance hits.

Mit Atzgerei, Fearleaders Vienna, MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle, Subchor

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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