Konzerthaus: 6.05 20:00,

Wie wir arbeiten wollen

Ein Gespräch über die Arbeitsbedingungen in der freien Szene

For the kick-off of the brut finale, brut invites artists, cultural actors and the audience to a World Café at the Konzerthaus. Much has changed in the city and within the scene since 2007, new institutions and initiatives have emerged, others have changed their profile, and structural adjustments have been made in the subsidy systems of the municipal and federal governments. An open debate explores how the protagonists of the scene ideal modes of co-production and collaboration, and to what extent their every-day praxis meets their fantasies. 

The World Café format provides open space to allow exchange on a constructive and dynamic level. Participants sit at tables across the room; each table has one host. The hosts include different figures from Austria’s independent performing arts scene, who are invited to give impulses and to contribute with their visions and opinions to the event. Working conditions and related experiences are debated, compared and futher developed in short group discussions, moderated by the table hosts. 

Featuring Alexander Gottfarb (Choreograf/Performer), Angela Glechner (Szene Salzburg), Angela Vadori (Künstlerin/Dramaturgin), Barbara Kraus (Künstlerin), Bettina Kogler (WUK), Dieter Boyer (MA7 Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien), Doris Uhlich (Choreografin), Gabrielle Cram (Tanzquartier), Gerda Strobl (steirischer herbst/Die Rabtaldirndln), Gin Müller (Performance-Künstler/Theaterwissenschaftlerin), Katalin Erdödi (brut), Kira Kirsch (brut/steirischer herbst), Nanina Kotlowski (Performerin/Leitung Raw Matters), Rio Rutzinger (ImPulsTanz), Thomas Frank (brut)

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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