30 November and 1 December 2013

Gob Squad

Western Society

Österreichische Erstaufführung

“No one is where they are. They are talking to someone miles away. I miss them. But they are missing out.” aus Alone Together, Sherry Turkle

In Western Society, Gob Squad zoom their camera directly into the centre of the western home. By exploring the internet’s remote darkness, Gob Squad have brought back a tiny satellite, a fairly unspectacular unwatched video of an anonymous living room, of a family gathering somewhere at the edge of the western world. A picture that contains everything we have achieved. Everything that characterizes us and everything that separates us. Gob Squad, dripping in bling, want to bring this little moment of lived reality back to life and they want to get the image just right. The performers search for answers, deconstruct the image into pieces, reconstructing and projecting their own stories and new interpretations into this tiny piece of history. A few lucky audience members may win the chance to take part and to discover how it feels to be alone together and together alone. Western Society is a nightmare and a social utopia – too real, too fake, too familiar, too strange. A portrait of civilisation in the 21st century  and an endless party which we have to keep running.

After successes such as Super Night Shot, Saving The World, Gob Squad’s Kitchen and Before Your Very Eyes, the German-English performance collective is back on the brut stage for the fifth time with Western Society.

Concept and director Gob Squad Performance Sean Patten, Tatiana Saphir, Bastian Trost, Simon Will Sound design Jeff McGrory Video Miles Chalcraft Costumes Emma Cattell, Kerstin Honeit Technical management and lighting design Chris Umney Dramaturgy and production management Christina Runge Production assistant Mat Hand Assistance to the director Sarah Sarina Rommedahl, Gwendolin van der Linde Management Eva Hartmann

Western Society was produced and developed in cooperation with the Center Theatre Group, Michael Ritchie, Artistic Director, Los Angeles, CA. A cooperation of brut Wien, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and SPIELART Festival Munich. Western Society is presented as part of the project House on Fire, with the kind support of the Cultural Programme of the European Union. Supported by the Cultural administration of the Berlin senate.

€ 14/€ 8/€ 6 with the brutkarte*

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