10 March 2012



Magdalena Chowaniec / Krõõt Juurak


Baustelle [Under construction] is a special format presenting initial research results instead of complete productions. The presentations by Magdalena Chowaniec and Krõõt Juurak are still as raw as uncut diamonds and sparkle with inventiveness. Nothing is exactly set in stone and so they move in form between performance, lecture, video presentation, and audience talk.

Magdalena Chowaniec (Vienna)
Empathy Project. Pulse (performance)

“Music is a strategy running parallel to religion.” Jacques Attali

Empathy Project is a series that has been running over several years, in the scope of which Vienna-based performer and choreographer Magdalena Chowaniec takes up the means of empathy to approach her subjects. Thus in Empathy Project Vol. I in 2010 she placed herself into the damaged bodies of drug addicts with astonishing consistency.

Now she examines the deepest human perception of acoustics through her ability to empathise. Deeply impressed by documentaries describing the so called “first contact” with tribes from Papua New Guinea, she explores their singing and music and jumping off from there approaches today’s dancehall music, the sound of acid raves, and other forms of sound. According to her observations there is a very basic beat that forms a common thread throughout the entire history of music. The border between auditory and haptic experience totally blurs to this beat, marked by an almost inevitable call for dancing that also accompanies prayers and ritual meetings. Chowaniec goes searching in Pulse for the moment when one does not only listen to music but is also physically touched by it.

Concept, Research, Performance Magdalena Chowaniec Research, Performance Gabri Einsiedl Music Damballah chant (Haiti), Nuh Linga - Elephant Man Probably Taking Drugs - Spiral Tribe, The KLF, Mux Mool Text Jacques Attali - excerpts from Noise. Political Economy of Music Technical support Vladislav Tchapanov

A co-production by mariamagdalena and imagetanz/brut Wien. Thanks to DJ Diaz, tanzbüro Salzburg, and the Department of Art, Music and Dance Sciences at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg. With the kind support of the Polish Institute in Vienna.

AfterEmpathy Project. Pulse
Krõõt Juurak (Vienna/Amsterdam)
Presentation (performance)

“But basically to look back but with a forward looking face. I have 10 hours of work but only 40 minutes to share it with you, like a man who tells you his life story in a bar by flipping through a binder with plastic sheets and photos where he shook hands with the president. I’m thinking it could be nice to also slip in some new work but of course all of it will be new.” Krõõt Juurak

Presentation is a portfolio that is performed live made up of past, current, and future works by Krõõt Juurak: memories from ten years of artistic work which – taken out of their original context – combine to form a new piece in the presence of imagetanz 2012. Presentation examines the question what it means to create an artistic work in the first place. What makes the new new? What are the criteria for artistic research? Is there even a line between idea and reality? The work is a personal and professional retrospective of a decade of artistic life, including subjective memories as well as general reflexions on the artist’s (own) genre.

Concept, Research, Performance Krõõt Juurak

A co-production by Krõõt Juurak, the Viennese Dance and Art Movement, and imagetanz/brut Wien.

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