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 Wiener Festwochen 2015
 imagetanz 2015 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and uncanny Bodies
 Secret Ingredients
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 Freischwimmer 2014 - INTIM
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 Everything must go! 2014
 Village People
 imagetanz 2014 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Care
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 The Power of Voice
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 Everything must go! 2013
 A Ballet Trilogy by Doris Uhlich
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 Don't look back
 Out of Order
 Freischwimmer 2012 • Exploit yourself!
 Freedom of Speech
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 Everything must go! 2012
 Community works!
 imagetanz 2012 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Work
imagetanz 2012

In March 2012 the festival imagetanz will be assembling local and international artists from the fields of choreography and performance. Each year, the festival’s motto contains a new term that refers to  current social developments and themes that the artists take up in their projects. It acts as a sort of loose bookends for the contents, holding the festival together. So this year’s motto work  is directly based on current debates. Financial and market mechanisms – indirectly and to an unlimited degree – increasingly inform the individual, who perceives work as the “natural purpose of all effort” and regards the division of the day into work and regeneration periods as completely normal. Correspondingly, the everyday life of the individual is very concretely and very directly characterised by work. The festival addresses this very point in order to break the cycle. imagedance 2012 instead considers work in the sense of a reappropriation of possibilities for action. In short: do not work more, but differently!

In this vein, the mysterious Inferno collective reveals the craft of the performance within the framework of Opening; Daniel Kok from Singapore is directly guided by consumers in that he developed his work using online survey results. In Presentation, Krõõt Juurak opens her performance toolbox which has accompanied her over the past decade. Next, everything becomes extremely practical: Andrea Maurer & Thomas Brandstätter weld, hammer, and sew; Lieve De Pourcq produces and processes pictures with a video, slide, and overhead projector. Lea Martini and Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea, in contrast, base their performance on the fact that dance has continually been a reaction to crises. Nine artists from Turkey, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Austria will be holding meetings during the entire festival in the Kunstraum Bernsteiner as part of the EU-project Europe in Motion. Supported by choreographer Jonathan Burrows and visual artist and former broker Gerald Nestler, they will be reflecting upon their own works and, beyond this, upon the essence of current problems – in the economy and finance sector in particular. Crisis or apocalypse aside, music (Magdalena Chowaniec) and reflection of gender roles (Andros Zins-Browne, Deborah Hazler/Nanina Kotlowski/Kerstin Olivia Schellander) are given their space this year too. With Kein Applaus für Scheiße [No applause for shit], Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek refer to Ann Liv Young, Jeremy Wade, and Ivo Dimchev – and this much is clear: their applause is guaranteed. This will also hold true for Spanish artist Cuqui Jerez, who at the moment is generally regarded as an international shooting star and is touring throughout Europe. For imagetanz 2012 she will be presenting a production that she developed especially for Vienna. After the work is finished, the farewell party entitled Love for Gold  will allow you to forget concerns such as “Is there still time to invest it all in gold?”.

Deborah Hazler/Nanina Kotlowski/Kerstin Olivia Schellander
Andros Zins-Browne
Lea Martini & Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea
Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek
Andrea Maurer & Thomas Brandstätter & Nicholas Hoffman / studio 5
daniel kok diskodanny
Lieve De Pourcq
Less Dress More Fun
 Alles Uhlich!
 Baltic Games
 Video gehört auf jede Bühne!

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