Künstlerhaus: 9.05 20:00,

Performance Extravaganza #1

mit Florentina Holzinger/Vincent Riebeek, Jan Machacek, Zachary Oberzan, Stefanie Sourial/Denice Bourbon

On Saturday night, a fine selection of the performance stars from the first eight years of brut occupy Künstlerhaus and Konzerthaus. With short live acts they celebrate brut as the epicentre of their activities! 

Jan Machacek (Vienna)
Party Spook | 7 to 10 pm
Media and performance artist Jan Machacek’s contribution is a Party Spook from far-away Mexico. He creates a video installation in the brut office, a dance floor inhabited by digital shadows from his current temporary, Mexico, that mingle with the live, dancing audience in Vienna.
Zachary Oberzan (New York)  
Elvis Songs | 8 pm 
The American Zachary Oberzan, known to the brut audience as a gloomy, radically honest and humorous performer, once again dedicates himself to the topic of all-conquering love and passion and devotedly covers Elvis songs to celebrate the conclusion of the first brut era.
Florentina Holzinger/Vincent Riebeek (Vienna/Amsterdam) 
Essential Holzinger/Riebeek | 8.30 pm
Radical glam and glitter duo Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek dazzle with a quintessence of their collaboration that has delighted the brut audience in recent years. For SO FAR SO BRUT, they sum up their way of working with a great deal of physical effort, pop, trash and spectacle.
Stefanie Sourial/Denice Bourbon (Vienna) 
Nothing compares to you! No. You! No. YOU! | 9.30 pm
A highly contrastive entertainment duo, the two CLUB GROTESQUE FATAL performers Stefanie Sourial and Denice Bourbon present quirky stories and catchy songs, sweetening their performance with the odd dance number.
10 pm | brut im Konzerthaus
Doris Uhlich (Vienna)
Uhlich un-brut-ed
The eight-years-of-brut celebrations reach their preliminary climax with a party featuring choreographer and dancer Doris Uhlich, who has been a regular guest at brut with her works since it was established in 2007. Honouring the first brut era, Doris Uhlich throws a party to recall her artistic oeuvre as a DJane and performer. Ranging from powder dance and pointe technique to baroque and techno beats, from fully dressed to more than naked, from the swan to the Universal Dancer – May 9th closes with a great sweat-bathed performance night à la Uhlich! 

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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