19 to 29 September 2013

brut im Künstlerhaus/Vorplatz


Aktionslabor für politische Interventionen


Rebelodrom was initiated by Gin Müller and the Verein zur Förderung der Bewegungsfreiheit (association to promote freedom of movement). The project is a platform for various activist projects and a discussion forum for political action strategies. Part of the WIENWOCHE – it’s 2013 motto demokrazija-ja-ja dedicated to the principles of democracy – for ten days the plaza in front of brut will be transformed into a multimedia installation and stage. Along with the election headquarters and Action Lab, it is also the starting point for specific interventions in public space being carried out by various rebel groups. ‘Perverse’ party wings will be formed, ministries founded and organised rapper gangs will play Robin Hood. Participants include the groups Romano Svato, MAIZ, traschq (trans/gay/lesbian/queer advisory service of the Rosa Lila Villa) and Marea Alta. There will additionally be networking to projects from WIENWOCHE and to Refugee Protest Vienna. In early September the individual groups will be presenting their political back-stories and demands in the form of video clips at
The rebellious interventions in public space will also be documented here. Remain on the look out for these rebel attacks!

Gin Müller has been in brut previously in 2010/11 with the performance Who Shot the Princess? Boxstop Telenovelas and in 2012 with Melodrom – The Making of a Rebellious Telenovela. The activist project Rebelodrom is seen as the closing act of this thematic series.


19 September, 9 pm

Rebelodrom Opening Gala – fremd, pervers, kannibalistisch in Österreich (presentation/party)

Rebelodrom has been created as an open-source tool for political resistance. The project, its political network and the melodramatic rebels and wings of the party will be presented as part of the campaign kick-off. Followed by the opening party with DJ LISAK.

20 to 29 September, 3 to 10 pm

Grenzstation – NoborderZone (installation/info point/lounge/bar)

With the Grenzstation - NoborderZone Rebelodrom is calling for solidarity with the Refugee Protest movement for the right of residence and freedom of movement! The installation shows clips, video features and films on political action strategies (in cooperation with the projects from WIENWOCHE and the Refugee Protest) and also functions as an info point and lounge/bar for the Rebelodrom project. Look for more information on the Internet about further presentations and discussion programmes as part of the Grenzstation – NoborderZone project.

21 September, 9 pm

Perverser Trachtenpartei-Aufmarsch (fashion show)

Come watch the fashion show being held by Perverser Trachtenpartei-Aufmarsch in front of brut im Künstlerhaus. Rebelodrom meets Gender Crash following the show: queer club culture off the beaten path of normative gender boundaries collides with rebellious political activism.

By and with
traschq (Trans/Lesbian/Gay/Queer Advisory service of the Rosa Lila Villa)

24 September, 8.30 pm

Closing rally of Perverse Trachtenpartei  (performance/discussion)

The Rebelodrom team accompanied the Perverse Trachtenpartei  for weeks during their election campaign for the National Council. The documentation that sprung from this presents highlights of the best moments, from the Ovulation Lads, the Alpine Meadow Abortion as well as the Homo-Terrorist Training Camp in which the kidnapped dog of a local politician was trained to satisfy every human desire no matter how salacious.

26 September, 8.30 pm

We won’t vote for racists!!! – RAF Mindj Panther (concert/performance)

Under the name of “Mindj Panther”, the troop around sisters Sandra and Simonida Selimovic present their targeted struggles for redistribution before the election with rap, beats and breakdancing performances. During their concerts they also confront young immigrants with their election behaviour and put it to them plainly: immigrant fans of FPÖ politician Strache?!? The topics of racism between foreigners, race baiting and discrimination will be broached, discussed and dismantled. Specific intervention strategies of the RAF (Roma Army Fraction) will be presented and reviewed on this evening. A programme that will inspire you to dance, mull things over and take action.

By and with
Romano Svato (Association for Trans-cultural Communication)

27 September, 8.30 pm

Eating Europe! – Minister_innen-Pressekonferenz der menschenfressenden Gesellschaft

The topic of this staged press conference by the group MAIZ is the “Anthropophagous Procession Movement” that will beset Austria and Europe. The ministers, priests and priestesses of this cannibalistic society provide information about post-colonial assimilation strategies and ritual practices of resistance.

By and with
MAIZ (Autonomous Centre By and For Immigrants)

A co-production of the Vereins zur Förderung der Bewegungsfreiheit, brut Wien and WIENWOCHE. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

Admission free

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