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 Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in Western society. It defines the right to express yourself freely and to impart opinions in public. But what happens over the course of a paradigm change in media toward Web 2.0? The leading questions in the age of the Internet are the following: what can, may and is meant to be said at all, and what must remain unsaid? How and where is freedom of speech being exploited on the web? Five productions from Germany, Austria and Belgium examine this issue within the scope of the key topic Freedom of Speech from September to the end of October 2012.
A fragmented public on the web has replaced the classical sender-receiver model, the age of the single programme and the one broadcast draws to a close. Thus it is indeed unclear whether the genocide in Rwanda might have happened with today’s usage of the media. HATE RADIO from the International Institute of Political Murder shows how a radio station became an instrument for murder and how words could kill. The re-enactment of a radio broadcast from 1994 is not a mere reproduction of documentary material: theatre as a medium itself becomes the place of enlightenment in this context.
The Austro-Mex Group around Gin Müller has already accomplished this media change and in Melodrom/The Making of a Rebellious Telenovela makes contact with activists and authors around the globe. Thus an authorship of many voices is created in which the contents are carried further and visualized in the media by many identities following the principle of a circulated distribution of information. In an "Open Source Tool (OST) to create Rebellion“ they discuss about joint political action, love and a back-breaking media conspiracy.
In contrast, Pieter De Buysser and Hans Op de Beeck in their Book Burning Project examine criticism of the fragmented public on the web. Considering the boundless amounts of data available via the WWW, both artists present suggestions about how to deal with this information overload. It is all about the necessity of finding filters in order to reorganise the information that has become confusing in the meantime. While the burning of books has always been an act of censorship historically, De Buysser and Op de Beeck transform it into an act of liberation. Consequently, freedom of speech no longer solely means the freedom to say something, but also the freedom to remain silent.
Data Dealer. Legal, illegal, scheißegal. [Data Dealer. Legal, Illegal, What the Hell!] transforms inexperienced Facebook users into astonished data dealers and with much wit and irony is dedicated to the cutting edge subject of the right to personal data in the digital era.
What does a responsible handling of data mean? Finally, Assassinate Assange concludes the key topic with the Internet messiah, who has turned from being the celebrated liberator to the persecuted. Angela Richter has been concerned with the subject of hacktivism for several years now and conducted personal interviews with Julian Assange for this work. Apparently the scandal itself was less about the contents of the confidential diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks since no big news was revealed in this process. It is rather the issue of “treachery” as such. And that is punished by the public in its very own way. Freedom of speech once represented the basic condition for the functioning of certain techniques of power and authority. Other procedures, such as enforced political conformity, control, censorship or active restriction are no longer needed in the era of Web 2.0 since the events and information multiply, chase after each other and drive themselves out of awareness. The contrast of that what is allowed to be said and that what is not allowed to be said is replaced by the difference between what gets through and what falls by the wayside.

 Programme  20 September to 22 October 2012 
IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder
Austro-Mex/Gin Müller, Flor Edwarda Gurrola, Katia Tirado u. a.
Pieter De Buysser & Hans Op de Beeck
Angela Richter
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